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餞R., said, "The■ subsidy policy is ●a very clea■r signal to ●home appliance produ〓cers that the g〓overnment nee◆ds them to■ tap busine〓ss from low-inco〓me regions.○ On the one● hand, farm●ers can afford be●tter produ●cts. On the● other han○d, producers c●an profit f〓rom their sal■es growth." Acco〓rding to relat■ed authorities, Chin■a has provid●ed subsidies■ worth 300 million y●uan to 1.8 million■ households in ■Shangdong, Henan,● Sichuan provinces o●ver the last six mon○ths, and is■ planning t○o expand t■he policy t◆o other low-income r◆egions around the● country. BE〓IJING, Feb. 20 ◆-- Appliance giant G■uangdong Mid●ea Electric ●Appliances Co plan●s to issue n〓ew shares t●o raise money○ for 10 projects to ■increase i○ts producti●on capability.Midea○, China's sec◆ond-largest■ appliance maker by● market value, w●ill issue no mor●e than 10 percent ◆of its total s〓hares to r●aise 3.56 ●billion yuan (495■.8 million U.●S. dollars), the■ Fos

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han-base●d company ●said in a statem●ent to the S●henzhen Stock Exch〓ange yesterday.The○ money will be inv◆ested in 10 p●rojects whi●ch will boost its ○production capacit○y of refriger●ator compressors ◆by five million sets〓, energy-sav◆ing refriger◆ators by 4.5 milli○on sets, washing m〓achines by 5.8 m■illion sets an●d air conditio◆ners by 9.◆5 million ◆sets.The p○rojects inclu●de a venture wit●h Toshiba Ca○rrier Corp to make c●ompress